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Hi-Fructose  showcases an eclectic mix of underground artists, pop surrealists, emerging... mehr
Produktinformationen "HI FRUCTOSE MAGAZINE QUARTERLY #49 - US-Magazin"

Hi-Fructose showcases an eclectic mix of underground artists, pop surrealists, emerging and rediscovered counter cultures, and awe inspiring spectacles from around the world. Hi-Fructose's beautiful layouts feature in-depth features and interviews with cutting edge artists, creators, and many many surprises yet to be revealed all jam packed into one place.

This issue's features: 
the poetic figurative paintings of Lukifer Aurelius, the glitchy narrative mayhem of Ori Toor, The bold graphic paintings of Hilda Palafox, the ornate sculptures of Beth Katleman, the outrageous paintings of cover feature Erik Parker,  the intricate drawings of Ben Tolman, art history and the reluctant realism of F. Scott Hess, and the new sculptures and paintings by Amy Sol, as well as a special report on the hand painted (and uber violent) movie posters of Ghana.
Plus a Special 16-page insert section dedicated to previewing the Hi-Fructose Presents: the Art of the Mushroom show and more.

Coverart may change.

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